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You spent a long time picking out the perfect carpet for your home. You had visions of a completed product that was eternally spotless with all items in their perfect places. Then came reality -- a world with real people, real messes, and stains you can't even begin to guess from where they came.

Failing to properly care for your carpet when real life strikes leaves your carpets fading, wearing, and tearing all too quickly. Worse still, attempting to clean your carpets yourself can send the stains, dirt, debris, and bacteria deeper beneath the surface, creating even bigger problems for your carpet.

There are things, however, you can do to help prolong the life, good looks, and healthy color of your carpets...

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You should vacuum your carpet at least one time each week, though two is preferable. This helps prevent surface dirt from becoming ground into the carpet where it does the most damage and becomes more difficult to remove.

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Professionally Clean Your Carpets Regularly

This number will vary, to some degree, depending on the people and/or animals living in your home. If your family is excessively neat and tidy (good luck with that if you have children), you may only need to have your carpets professionally cleaned twice a year for the best benefit. You may be able to squeak by with cleaning your carpets once a year without causing further damage to your floor, but two is ideal in most cases, as no home is bacteria and dust free.

If you have children or pets (and in some cases husbands), all bets are off and you would be best served maintaining a regular cleaning schedule. There are simply too many added soils, germs, bacteria, and viruses to contend with when you add the frequent in and out traffic of children and pets, not to mention the time they actually spend on the carpets in your home with food, drink, and other items you're not even sure you want to know about.

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The bottom line is this: caring for your carpet well help your carpet retain its beauty, functionality, and color for years longer. The investment in carpet cleaning services is a drop in the bucket compared to the costs of replacing your carpet more frequently. Carpet Cleaning Placentia CA offers a variety of carpet cleaning services that range in price but are still effective for the removal and prevention of dust and bacteria build up in your carpets.

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